Yorkshire Bank Customer Service Contact Number

The Yorkshire Bank customer services helpline can be contacted by phone: Open 7 Days a Week – 24 Hours a Day.

Customer Service is OpenHelpline is Open
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Yorkshire Bank Customer Service Hours

The customer services team at the Yorkshire Bank number is available to take your call 7 Days a Week – 24 Hours a Day. Holiday phone hours may be different.

Day Open Closed
Monday 12:00 AM 11:59 PM
Tuesday 12:00 AM 11:59 PM
Wednesday 12:00 AM 11:59 PM
Thursday 12:00 AM 11:59 PM
Friday 12:00 AM 11:59 PM
Saturday 12:00 AM 11:59 PM
Sunday 12:00 AM 11:59 PM

Tips for Contacting Yorkshire Bank

• Please remember to have your banking details with you when you contact Yorkshire Bank customer service line. You will need your bank account number, personal details, customer number and any of your usual security details and recent transaction history – depending on the nature of your call.

• After dialing the Yorkshire Bank telephone number, you will be placed in a short queue. Listen to the automated voice messaging system and follow the instructions in order to be transferred through to the department that will be able to handle your particular enquiry.

Here are some of the reasons you might call the Yorkshire Bank helpline:

• Setting up a new payment
• Balance enquiry
• Account information
• Cancelling a Direct Debit
• Applying for a mortgage or loan
• Applying for a credit card
• Opening a business account

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for telephone banking?

You will need the following information:

• Your account details – this means your account number and sort code. You can find these on your statement or in your cheque book
• Your 16 digit debit card number

Then simply call the Yorkshire Bank contact number on this page and speak to an agent who will guide you through the process. Once registered, save this number for quick access to your telephone banking services.

How do I transfer funds?

On your account online, click on the “Payments” tab and choose “New Funds Transfer”. Then choose the account you want to transfer money from and enter the details of the account you want to transfer to. Alternatively, you can call the Yorkshire Bank phone number if you have telephone banking and an agent will help you through the process.

How do I view my past statements?

You will need to sign into your account online, then go to the “Account info” tab, go to “Transaction history”. You will then be able to view the statements for the time period selected. If you don’t have access to an online account, call Yorkshire Bank customer services and speak to an adviser.

Yorkshire Bank Credit Card Customer Services Phone Menu Options & Dial Code Shortcuts

Get through the automated phone messaging system fast for Credit Card Customer Service queries.

Menu Option Dial Code
Credit Card Enquiries 1
New Application 2
Report a Lost or Stolen Card 3
Require Information on Where to Change Your Pin 4
You’re Calling From Branch 5
Settlement Figure 51
Balance Enquiry 52
Close an Account 53
Change an Address 54
Stationary Request 55
All Other Enquiries 56

Yorkshire Bank Existing Mortgage Enquiries Phone Menu Options & Dial Code Shortcuts

Get through the automated phone messaging system fast for Existing Mortgage.

Menu Option Dial Code
Enquiry Is In Relation to a Mortgage Yet to Complete Including Enquiries Regarding Your First Payment 1
Calling In Regards to a Settlement Figure for Your Existing Mortgage 2
You Have Received a Text Message From Us 3
All Other Enquiries 4

Yorkshire Bank Lost and Stolen Cards Phone Menu Options & Dial Code Shortcuts

Get through the automated phone messaging system fast for Lost and Stolen Cards queries.

Menu Option Dial Code
Automated Telephone Banking Service 1
You’re Registered for Telephone Banking 11
You Have Your 10 Digit Customer Number 111
Don’t Have Your 10 Digit Customer Number 11 [Hold]
You Have Your Debit Card and Would Like to Hear Your Balance 11 [Hold] 1
All Other Enquiries 11 [Hold] [Hold]
Not Registered for Telephone Banking 12
You Have Your Debit Card and Would Like to Hear Your Balance 121
All Other Enquiries 12 [Hold]
Internet Banking Enquiries 2
Registration Process 21
Help With Your Security Token 22
Help With Our Log On Process 23
Technical Support 24
Banking Enquiries 25
Mobile Banking Enquires 3
Registration Enquiries 31
You’re Having Difficulty Downloading or Connecting to the Application 32
All Other Enquiries 3 [Hold]
Report Your Card Lost or Stolen 4
Credit Cards 41
Bank Cards 42
Speak to an Advisor 5

About Yorkshire Bank

Yorkshire Bank is a division of Clydesdale Bank and operates mostly in the north of England.

The bank was founded in Leeds in 1859 and had the name or West Riding Penny Savings Bank. It was registered under the Friendly Societies act and deposits by individuals were restricted to £30 per year and up to £150 only.

The bank grew quickly, opening 24 branches within a year and 104 the year after that. In 1959 the bank changed it’s name to the more recognisable Yorkshire Bank Limited and in the 1970’s they were they first bank to offer fee-free services if your account was in credit.

During the miners strike of the Thatcher administration (reference), Yorkshire Bank offered miners who were mortgage holders at the bank, a grace period of payment. Stating that they would only expect payment once the work and pay had resumed.

Postal Address

Yorkshire Bank Plc
20 Merrion Way